Plastec Fishing, AS

Ringvegen 3, 2815 GJØVIK Norway
Ringvegen 3, 2815 apt 13 r 009 GJØVIK Norway
Lambertus Walter, buying and Sales Manager
Flagma member since 14 April 2018
+47 455 4X XXX

Business activities

Established in year 1985, Our company is a family run business and we have always shrive towards maintaining our company legacy . For these reasons we always provide customers with exactly what they want at their best time. All thanks to the fast logistics system that always gives us an absolute advantage. We, Plastec AS, in collaboration with many overseas companies in Europe and America are able to form a strong alliance with our producers to better serve our customers.

The company was founded in 1985, number of employees 130 ppl.
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